Revisiting my predictions for Premier League Round 4

As round 4 of the Premier League concluded with West Ham’s win over Huddersfield, it’s time to revisit the predictions I made on Friday, ahead of the weekend. As mentioned before, I get three points for guessing the accurate score and one point for predicting the right result.

Manchester City vs Liverpool

Prediction: 2-2

Result: 5-0! Boy did I get this wrong. For the sake of this column, can’t help but wonder, would it have been different if the Reds would not have been down to ten men? They certainly created enough chances 11 on 11.

Arsenal vs Bournemouth

Prediction: 3-0

Result: 3-0! Yes! Wasim gets off the mark.

Brighton vs West Brom

Prediction: 0-0

Result: 3-1. Uhmm.. hands up if you knew Pascal Gross was going to be a genius for Brighton. Gabriele Marcotti has friends who always knew he was going to be a star.

Everton vs Tottenham

Prediction: 1-1

Result: 0-3. A prediction that in a way, I am actually happy to get wrong. There is something satisfactory when a top team performs so well away at a club that is extremely passionate about it’s home record.

Leicester 1 Chelsea 2

Prediction: 1-2

Result: 1-2! I am telling you guys, I have serious potential.

Southampton vs Watford

Prediction: 1-1

Result: 0-2. Ok folks, at this rate, Southampton are going to end the season scoring five goals at home. Memo to managers at St. Mary’s, build your attack around Gabbiadini!!

Stoke vs Manchester United

Prediction: 1-1

Result: 2-2. I knew it, I knew it. Just didn’t think the defences would be breached twice.

Burnley vs Crystal Palace

Prediction: 0-1

Embed from Getty Images

Result: 1-0. I am not bummed about getting this result wrong. I am just bummed about not being wrong by a greater margin. Palace should have scored four! Even Sean Dyche admitted that Burnley were lucky. Trust me. That never happens.

Swansea vs Newcastle

Prediction: 2-1

Result: 0-1. This party was pooped pretty quickly. Watching parts of this game was like staring into the abyss.

West Ham vs Huddersfield

Prediction: 1-2

Result: 2-0. Let’s be real. This was a lucky win for the Hammers.

So my first stab at predictions yielded two accurate scores and one right result. Not the most prescient is yours truly, but seven points to get this column going is no mean feat. Here’s to better the next time!

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