Results: PL Picks Round 6

Round 6 of the Premier League season came to an end as Arsenal eked out a somewhat fortuitous victory over West Brom. Was I as fortunate in my picks? Before revealing whether I did better than my first two attempts, I should mention that I was in a for a good haul but for some atrocious defending by Alfie Mawson at the Liberty stadium. Let’s tally the results against my picks.

West Ham vs Tottenham Pick 1-1, Result 2-3

I thought Spurs might have some scoring issues, but should have envisaged the Hammers losing all defensive shape. It’s happened so often!

Burnley vs Huddersfield Pick 0-0, Result 0-0

Huddersfield have got me the most points so far, and I don’t see that changing unless they figure out a way to score goals.

Everton vs Bournemouth Pick 1-0, Result 2-1

I should have seen Bournemouth at least getting a goal at Goodison. Nobody saw Oumar Niasse being the match-winner for the Toffees though. Get that man his locker!

Manchester City vs Crystal Palace Pick 3-0, Result 5-0

For a while Palace looked like they might prove a lot of experts wrong as they could have scored in the first half. Then Leroy Sane decided to switch on and that was that.

Southampton vs Manchester United Pick 1-2, Result 0-1

My inclination on how the game would unfold proved right, but those darn Saints just can’t score at home!

Stoke vs Chelsea Pick 2-2, Result 0-4

Ok, wow! Thanks for the brilliant defending Potters. Let’s leave Morata running behind us again and again. Another smashing performance by the consistent Azpilicueta.

Swansea vs Watford Pick 1-1, Result 1-2

This was looking like a banker. Then, in the 90th minute Roque Mesa tried a suicidal pass and Alfie Mawson decided to clear with the outside of his foot. Richarlison duly obliged.

Leicester vs Liverpool Pick 1-2, Result 2-3

I had a feeling the Reds were going to win, but I should have legislated for more defensive calamity in this match. Mignolet went from villain, hero, villain, hero ……

Brighton vs Newcastle Pick 1-1, Result 1-0

Those 90 minutes will be lost somewhere never to be found. With Hughton and Benitez in the dugout, I should have recognized the possibility of at least one clean sheet.

Arsenal vs West Brom Pick 3-0, Result 2-0

Close but no cigar. In actuality, Arsenal barely even deserved a 2-0 win. It was probably the most enterprising performance I have seen from a Tony Pulis team away from home.

In conclusion, I actually managed to pick six out of the ten matches accurately. In terms of guessing the right result, this is definitely an improvement. However, of those six matches, I got the score right only in one. Hence, I end up with the same tally as last time – eight points. If only the Swans held tight at the end. Oh well, till next time then.

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