Results: EPL Picks Round 7

As Newcastle and Liverpool played out a 1-1 draw at St. James Park, Round 7 of the Premier League season came to an end. Time to tally the results against my picks. I am not particularly looking forward to this, because I didn’t accurately predict a single scoreline from this weekend’s action. Anyhow, here goes.

Huddersfield vs Spurs Pick 0-2, Result 0-4

I knew Harry Kane was going to be the difference. I just didn’t expect Huddersfield to be such generous hosts.

Bournemouth vs Leicester Pick 2-1, Result 0-0

What are Leicester playing at? Was there not a single player in this match who had a creative urge of some sort? Dire stuff this was.

United vs Palace Pick 2-0, Result 4-0

And the misery goes on for Palace. And the elation goes on for United.

Stoke vs Southampton Pick 1-1, Result 2-1

If only Southampton would have thought of marking the tallest man on the pitch? Then again, who can’t be happy when Peter Crouch scores.

West Brom vs Watford Pick 1-2, Result 2-2

The Baggies decided to play for only five minutes in this match. I would have got this pick right if somehow they didn’t score twice in those five minutes!! But that man Richarlison. Boy does he love a late goal.

West Ham vs Swansea Pick 0-1, Result 1-0

This was always a punt decided on fine margins. Neither team were special, but nice of Diafra Sakho to point at the West Ham crest after angling for a move the whole summer.

Chelsea vs City Pick 2-1, Result 0-1

There are times when whatever you prognosticate as a sports writer is completely wrong. Then there a few times you are happy you are wrong. This is one such time. City’s win was a performance marked by such excellence, you’re left with no choice but to doff your hat to Pep Guardiola’s men.

Arsenal vs Brighton Pick 3-0, Result 2-0

I keep picking the Gunners to win 3-0 in these matches, but they keep falling one short. It will happen soon enough. Meanwhile, that Sanchez backheel. Wow!

Everton vs Burnley Pick 1-1, Result 0-1

Those away specialists those Clarets. Love them or hate them, 8 points away to Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool and Everton is a phenomenal haul. Most top six teams won’t get that total. On the other side, Everton. Good thing they spent a record amount in the transfer window to be in 16th. With a goal difference of minus eight. That’s -8.

Newcastle vs Liverpool Pick 1-2, Result 1-1

And thus it always is with the Reds. I can cut and paste the same thing from any previous round. Wonder goal. Chances missed. Defensive mistake. Points dropped. Predicting sports is a mugs game, but not really if one is objective about Liverpool.

Final Tally

So as you can see, I ended up with three accurate results and no correct scores. This leaves me with a pitiful final tally of three points. Yep. 3. It’s a bar that I don’t want to set any lower! Good thing there is an international break to collect my thoughts.

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